AX64 News

08 October 2013: Announcement

Dear users,

On behalf of AX64 and all our users, I have an exciting announcement!

In order to create the best product we can, the team at AX64 have decided to merge its pool of talent with brother backup company ‘RealCopy’.

Both RealCopy and AX64 have roots that run deeper that you know, with both our teams having worked on each other’s products for a number of years. The result of this means that we are already familiar with each other architecture and as such, the transition to a single development force will be easier than ever.

So what does this mean going forward?

Simply, it means a better product for you guys. Instead of competing we’re collaborating. Instead of fighting, we’re growing together.

We will gradually shift our focus away from AX64 and begin trading under the RealCopy brand. Furthermore, our developers will be working around the clock to integrate AX64’s key features into the already impressive feature set that exists within Realcopy (Hardware independent restores, a more robust engine and virtualisation to name a few).

AX64 will still be available on our original site, but our focus shall shift towards the development of a new and improved RealCopy available at Please note that the current RealCopy site and version available is old. You can expect a full site overhaul along with a brand new release of RealCopy with AX64 features integrated soon.

What should you expect?

A better, faster and more robust backup solution wrapped up in an intuitive interface that is ever more beautiful and powerful than before. We will continue our dedication to great support in the next release of RealCopy as we have done so in the past with AX64. In the lead up to this, support for AX64 will slow down as we shift our focus towards the development of RealCopy. We will also shortly announce a plan for existing AX64 paying customers.

Excitement on the horizon

We can’t thank our users enough for their support of both AX64 Time Machine and RealCopy. Our teams, now united as one, strongly believe that the backup industry is going through a period of innovative stagnation. We believe current backup solutions are plagued by an excess of minor additions that have resulted in an end user experience that is bloated, over complex and dated in design. To this end, both Realcopy and AX64 have vowed to respect the end user at any cost and in every respect: his time, his user experience and everything between. This lies at the crux of our design philosophy. This means that now, even more than ever, we want to get our users involved with discussion, feedback and development!

In summary, we simply can’t wait to have you guys get your hands on what we’re working on next.

For now, stay tuned.

Sincerely, The RealCopy and AX64 Team

16 July 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1120 released

List of changes:

  • Added Explorer++ to the Recovery Media (now you can do any file operation from within Recovery environment)*

  • Fixed a bug resulting in merging of manual snapshots under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug blocking Restore operation in Recovery Media

  • *Kudos to Explorer++ developer David for his kind permission to include this fantastic software into our Recovery Media. Here are the source codes of Explorer++ according to GPL license

    12 July 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1117 released

    List of changes:

  • Fixed error C0FFFFFF when backing up GPT Recovery partition
  • 11 July 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1111 released

    List of changes:

  • Fixed intermittent merge errors
  • Fixed failing "Safely Remove" for external backup drive
  • Fixed Backup Browser failing to display backups on network drives
  • Fixed occasional OS freezes after incorrect shutdown
  • 28 June 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1096 released

    List of changes:

  • Fixed a critical bug in merging module that might result in corrupted backups
  • 27 June 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1094 released

    List of changes:

  • Fixed a bug that intermittently cancelled merge operations
  • Fixed sometimes crashing Backup Browser
  • Fixed installer version information
  • 26 June 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.2.1090 released

    List of changes:

  • Added GPT/UEFI support
  • Added options to restore System Hidden partition, MSR, EFI, Recovery partitions
  • Merging done only when the user is idle
  • Added backup description editing feature
  • Added Cancel button for backup and merge operations
  • Backup Browser remembers the sizes of the columns
  • Countdown display change from sec to min:sec
  • Disabled default MBR restore option
  • Added Skip network initialization button on the Recovery Media Startup dialog
  • Added an option to boot into normal OS when loading Recovery media
  • Speed and memory usage optimizations
  • Backup Browser title text changed to indicate the backup folder
  • Added a 5 min delay of backup merging after system boot
  • Added search for WinRE.dat file in addition to WinRE.wim (to overcome Rollback RX issue)
  • Added animated tray icon during backup

  • Fixed Backup Browser sometimes failing to automatically detect the backup files
  • Fixed a problem with reclaiming the free space when merging backups
  • Fixed incorrect File Property dialog in Backup Browser when multiple items are selected
  • Fixed log collection for restore operation
  • Fixed bare metal restore (MBR boot code restored incorrectly)
  • Fixed intermittently vanishing "Select disk" dialog
  • Fixed truncated browser watermark
  • Fixed crashing Browser when opening a Win 7 backup from a Win XP machine
  • Fixed a bug resulting in full backup creation when incremental is expected
  • Fixed main window look under high DPI setting
  • Fixed hiding tray icon when Windows explorer restarts
  • Fixed program hand when the user closes Recovery Media creation window
  • Fixed wrong elapsed time for long operations
  • Fixed intermittently disabled Make Backup button after merging
  • Fixed WinRE.wim search routine so it doesn't require windows CD when Recovery Environment is there
  • Fixed truncated user names in registration box
  • Fixed non-booting USB Recovery Media when non-standard MBR presents on the system
  • Fixed Intel RST support in Recovery Media
  • Fixed intermittently failing USB Recovery Media creation (when it's in use by the system)
  • Fixed missing Windows 8 logo on Recovery Media startup
  • Fixed a problem with defragmentation of the protected volume on XP
  • Fixed intermittent OS hangs on restart
  • Fixed checkdisk failing to start at OS boot
  • 08 May 2013: AX64 Time Machine 1.1.996 released

    This is the first production release of AX64 Time Machine.